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When peer review goes pear shaped

Well I’m glad I asked. What happened was this… I had a request from someone asking if I could localize TinyMCE (a WYSIWYG editor – think of it as a miniature form of Word sitting within a website) so they could use it on their website for their Gaelic-speaking editors. There aren’t that many strings […]

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Needle in a haystack

It’s been a strange sort of end to the week. I e-met a new language and came face to face with a linguistic, digital needle in a cyberhaystack. Ok, I’m not making much sense so far, I know… just setting the scene! We all know Skype, the new version of which (quoting my hilarious brother) […]

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Wishful thinking à la Bretonne

Have you noticed that sometimes developers DO get it right but then are faced with strange user behaviours? No, I’m not talking about developers thinking that something should be the case, which isn’t. I’m talking about a strange chain of events on Facebook which makes me doubt the motivation of some language activists (yes, we’re […]

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Dear grumpy Native Speaker

Localization is obviously just a means to an end – the end being the end-user. You know, normal people. So since they’re also part of this process and so that you know I dish out fairly in both directions, not just developers, here’s an instalment which looks at the native-speaking end-user. Because I had a […]