Akerbeltz blogs??

And in Beurla? That’s English, for the goidelically challenged. Thing is, I already connect with my Goidelic-speaking friends via many a channel but what I may have to say that’s fit for a blog is actually much less aimed at them.

Thing is, I spotted the great opportunities that Open Software had to offer to small languages a long time ago but when I had a look in, I got nowhere. More about that later. It wasn’t until a chance meeting between an American Irish speaker and myself in a pub in Dublin that I finally managed to get something off the ground with the brilliant help of said Gaelgeoir, Kevin Scannell, who encouraged me to go back and localize Mozilla Firefox.

That was back in 2009. I’ve since morphed into the Scottish Gaelic localization team for anything from Mozilla to LibreOffice. Surprisingly common scenario, but again, more on that later. 2011 in particular has been a busy year and I now feel that I’ve moved beyond the noob stage and where I’m allowed to have a view or two on some things.

So, Dear Developer, thanks for tuning in and I hope this will be provide an insight as to what localization looks like from the other end of the fibreoptic cable!

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